ANGELA, 1986 - olio su tela - 60x60



..Angela become human, when throught the smoke, the dissolves into a coy but participating pose. She as the comportment of a person who is inolved in a conversation that is boring, she doesn't desire to listen or participate in something she has been forced into. She speaks to us silently, about something which trasmutes into something else, and it is this that involves her and allows her to feel aments of her live. It's probably a thought of people, fragments of her memories. In this painting the colours seem to melt and i'm glad to note something that i have rarely seen about Corona's work: the novelty a technical change that should be considered a new focal point. Not the air, the eyes nor the face are the focal point, but her fingers, her cigarette, the smoke. The focal detail, become the point in which the painting begins to agitate, while in other zones, the detail, the characteristics of a certain determined space, are like one painting placed inside the other one. The world of the artist has been reversed, mayde involuntarily. The detail becomes the "code" to understand totally the painting. Otherwise his work could be incomprehensible, like an architecture without any functionality, or a thing without any aim. "Angela" also appears in other of his works, in certain she is the main figure, in others in fragments, but she appears and reappears, with the advantage to get to know her personally, so that you can find her in all the particulars and exclude those which don't belong to her. The differences.

We are the beginning.
We are again ready with the desire to see and search...


Remigio Feltrin, architetto e critico